Professional Liability

Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker has considerable experience defending medical providers, design professionals, insurance agents and brokers, and other licensed professionals against claims of alleged malpractice. While the issues in these types of cases are often technical and complex, there are other considerations unique to this type of practice; such as reputation of the client in the community, the issues of goodwill, the licensing considerations, as well as the client’s professional standing. The attorneys at Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker have the knowledge and experience to evaluate the financial risks, as well as these other risks and concerns, in resolving their claims. At Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker we offer clients the ability to address both of these challenges, whether it be through early settlement, mediation negotiation or at trial. When settlement is not possible or not in the client’s best interest, the Firm brings decades of experience in successfully defending both the financial claims and the reputation of the professionals involved.